Wood Shaver for Making Wood Shavings: Versatile and Efficient

high quality wood shavings
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A wood shaver is a powerful tool used for producing uniformly thick wood shavings. It consists of a frame, a platform on the frame, blades on the platform, and a belt guard. This commercial wood shavings machine enables the production of consistent and evenly sized wood shavings from logs or branches, offering a wide range of applications across various industries.

Commercial wood shaver for sale
commercial wood shaver for sale

The Wood Shaving Process of Wood Shaver Machine

As raw materials enter the wood shaver through a feeder, they are cut by internal blades to produce fine wood shavings. The resulting shavings exhibit uniform size and thickness, making them suitable for different purposes and industries.

Applications of Wood Shaving

Wood shavings serve as raw materials for products such as particleboard, which is widely used in furniture manufacturing. They also find applications in the paper industry for wood pulp production.

Additionally, wood shavings are used as bedding material in animal husbandry, providing soft and comfortable resting areas for animals like pigs, cows, and sheep. The consistent size and shape of wood shavings contribute to their suitability for various uses.

High quality wood shavings
high-quality wood shavings

Wood shavings are particularly well-suited for animal bedding. After being passed through kiln drying and moisture absorption processes, wood shavings become highly absorbent and easy to clean. The unique curvature or curls of the shavings provide a safe and comfortable surface for animals’ feet and hooves.

Invest in a Wood Shaver

The wood shaving machine offers immense value for businesses seeking to produce high-quality wood shavings. Whether you’re in the woodworking industry, paper manufacturing, or animal husbandry,log shavers provide a reliable and efficient solution. By investing in this versatile tool, you can streamline your operations, meet production demands, and ensure consistent wood shaving quality.

A wood shaving machine is an indispensable tool for producing consistent and high-quality wood shavings. From its sturdy frame to the precise blades, this machine guarantees uniformity in thickness and size, making the shavings suitable for various applications.

Whether you need wood shavings for furniture manufacturing, paper production, or animal bedding, a wood shaver provides the versatility and efficiency required. Invest in a wood shaver today and unlock the potential of wood shavings for your specific industry needs.

cover-mould pallet

Romanian Molded Pallet Production Line

Molded pallets are wooden pallets made from waste wood, branches, straws and other raw materials. These kinds of molded pallets that only use waste wood as raw materials have become A new type of finished product with broad prospects.

Cover-band saw

Precautions for the use of the band saw

The sawing machine is a kind of woodworking equipment that can cut wood efficiently, but at the same time, the use of band saws also needs to strictly follow the use specifications to ensure that the machine can be used stably under safe and reliable conditions.

Wood peeling effect

Factors affecting the effect of wood peeling

The wood peeling machine can effectively remove the bark of the wood, and will not cause too much damage to the wood itself. Using the wood peeling machine can greatly save the labor force and reduce the cost of raw material processing. 

applications of wood shaving

What can wood shaving be used for?

It can be used to make bedding materials for pets and poultry, Nutritive soil for seedling growth, plywood for furniture factories, filling materials for fragile goods transportation, biomass fuel, etc. Now I will introduce some specific applications for you.