Biomass wood pellet machine for pressing sawdust pellet

biomass wood pellet machine
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A biomass wood pellet machine is a machine that uses wood leftovers and agricultural straws to make biomass fuel. The machine is also called a ring die pellet machine, which compresses and extrudes raw materials into pellet shapes. The combustion calorific value of biomass fuel is large, which can reduce the generation of polluting environmental gases.

Biomass wood pellet machine
biomass wood pellet machine

What are the uses of biomass wood pellet mills?

Biomass wood pellet machine
biomass wood pellet machine

The moisture content in biomass is variable and usually high and its natural decay causes waste of raw material. However, after being processed by a ring die pellet machine, the biomass raw material can be compressed into fuel pellets, which are widely used in hotels, schools, hospitals, district heating, residential heating, biomass power plants, barbecue or cooking, etc. Sales. In addition, organic fertilizer and animal feed can also be made.

Which countries have the biomass wood pellet machine been sold to?

Wood pellet machine
wood pellet machine

Biomass wood pellet machine is very popular in many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Algeria, and Egypt.

Raw material for biomass wood pellet machine

Biomass pellets from different raw materials
Biomass pellets from different raw materials

It can process various biomass raw materials such as wood, sawdust, bamboo, pine, alfalfa, palm fiber, straw, wheat bran, cotton stalk, rice husk, cotton stalk, peanut shell, bagasse, etc. The biomass pellet machine has a wide range of raw materials.

How to prepare raw materials for making biomass pellets?

Biomass pellets machine details
Biomass Pellets Machine Details

The raw material size of the biomass wood pellet machine should be about 1 inch (2.5cm). If the raw material is relatively large materials such as wood or bamboo, it needs to be crushed with a hammer mill. If it is rice husk, wheat bran, and other raw materials, it can be directly for processing.

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Who is suitable for pressing sawdust pellet industry

If you have a large supply of ingredients. If your area has a lot of wood chip biomass, you can produce biomass pellets.

If you need biomass pellets in large quantities. If you need a large number of biomass pellets as fuel, then you can also buy a machine and produce it yourself.

If you want to join the fuel industry. If you want to carry out a new project, then the production of biomass pellets is also a very good attempt.

Why is it said that the wood pellet mill machine has contributed to environmental protection?

Wood pellet mill machine
wood pellet mill machine

Large calorific value

The calorific value is about 3900-4800 kcal/kg

Clean and hygienic when burning

Biomass particles do not contain sulfur and phosphorus and do not produce sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide when burned.

Ashes still have value

And the ashes after burning can also be directly used as potash fertilizer, saving money.

What customizations does the wood company support?

Wood pellet mill machine
wood pellet mill machine

1. Electric engines, diesel engines, and gasoline engines can be customized;

2. The machine plug can be customized

3. Machine output and size can be selected