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Comprehensive crusher

The comprehensive crusher is a multi-functional crushing equipment that can crush all kinds of large materials (used furniture, plank with nails, wooden pallets,large-diameter wood, roots, weeds, etc.). With direct driving mode and strong power, it can efficiently and safely convert any biomass into debris. The final products of composite crusher can be used in a lot of fields like the environmental protection industry, furniture recycling industry and industrial product recycling.

Structure of composite crusher

Structure of comprehensive crusher

The composite crusher consists of the following five parts: transmission, crushing, adjustment, screening and sorting, and coarse particle recycling and re-crushing.

  • Transmission: In the front of the composite crusher, there is a hydraulic system to help feed the material. This part is composed of the motor and the coupling and gear on it.
  • Crushing: It is composed of a central cone on the main shaft and a guard cone outside. After the materials passing through the feeding rollers, there is a crushing roller waiting for them. We have two kinds of crushing rollers which choice depends on the materials you put.
  • Adjustment: It consists of a centrifugal device at the bottom and outside of the main shaft adjustment device.
  • Screening and sorting: This part consists of coarse and fine screens.
  • Coarse particle recycling and re-crushing: It is a coarse-grain conveyor connected with a lifting cylinder on the lower side of the coarse screen. There is a lifter in the lifting cylinder and a feeder connected with a hopper on the upper part.

Working principle of the comprehensive shredder

Comprehensive Crusher

When the hammer-type comprehensive crusher is working, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed, and the wood enters the comprehensive crushing chamber evenly. The high-speed rotating hammer hits, cuts, and tears the wood, which causes the wood to be broken. At the same time, the gravity of the wood causes the wood to be broken. The high-speed rotating hammer rushes to the baffle and sieve bars in the frame. In the lower part of the rotor, a sieve plate is set. The particles smaller than the sieve hole size in the crushed wood are discharged from the sieve plate, and the resistance of the wood larger than the sieve hole size remains in the sieve The board continues to be hammered and ground.

Raw materials for comprehensive crusher

This kind of comprehensive machine is a full-function crusher. You can put everything you want here. Some large materials like furniture boards with nails and complex wooden pallets are also allowed to put in. The same raw materials include waste packaging, templates, plates, branches, wooden bar boxes, trays, corn stalks, logs, and other waste wood materials and silage broken.

Raw materials
Raw materials

Main features of the comprehensive crusher

  • Adopt subgrade free design, which can be used to test the installation and use of equipment under different geographical and topographic conditions without being affected by seasonal climate and other external conditions, saving installation time and manpower, material resources and financial consumption caused by making foundation.
  • Adopt full automatic control, automatic feeding and discharging, improve the production capacity, and make the man-machine separation, improve the safety factor of machine operation.
  • Compared with traditional belt feeding, the feeding is smoother and the production capacity is greatly improved.
  • Adopt the special small cutting tools independently developed by our factory, with long service life and low maintenance cost.
  • Equipped with a secondary discharging system, users can change the direction of discharging according to requirements and master the use flexibly.
  • Comprehensive wood crusher is wood crushing machinery equipment, not afraid of the bamboo rubber board or goods pallet nails.
  • The use of a hydraulic system, the hydraulic opening device for the shell opening and closing, can effectively reduce the maintenance labor intensity, improve the maintenance work efficiency, shorten the maintenance work time.
  • The monitoring system of the box crusher can monitor the operation status of the crusher at any time. The monitoring signal can be interlocked with the main control system to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the machine.

Customer cases of the comprehensive crusher

Recently, we received an order from Thailand. Initially, our customer was visiting a local friend of his, who bought a traditional machine from our company 5 years ago. He fell in love with this high-capacity compound crusher and asked his friend to tell him where to buy it. His friend, our old customer, suggested that he buy our new machine with better performance.

The new customer contacted us to ask if there is a branch factory in the local area. We are sorry and told him that we do not have a local subsidiary, but we will broadcast live online. Then he watched the live broadcast and found that we were showing the entire product line here. He was very happy and soon bought a comprehensive machine.

Finally, he said that once the new crown epidemic is over, he will immediately visit factories in China and buy more machines.

Factory display of the comprehensive crusher

wood pallet feet compress machine

Why is the wood pallet feet compress machine so popularity?

A wood pallet feet compress machine is a machine used to make wooden pallet feet. The wood pallet block machine uses the principle of hot press and hydraulic press to process the sawdust and sawdust raw materials into wooden pallet feet, and the wooden pallet feet are continuously extruded into long strips of specifications by the high temperature and high pressure of the mold through which they pass.

wood shaving machine

Supplying wood shaving machines to golf courses in the UAE

Our wood company exported large wood shaving machines to the United Arab Emirates. We produce the machine as soon as possible after receiving the order, at present, the wood shaving machine has been shipped, and the customer also smooth to the machine, feedback that the machine works very well.

Wood shaving machine

Export of wood shaving machine to Botswana

The wood shaving machine is a device that can process wood into shavings. After processing, the wood has a wider range of uses, such as animal beds, transportation, biomass fuel, and paper processing. On April 20, 2022, we exported a wood shaving machine to Botswana.

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When a tree grows, the bark is mainly used to transport nutrients, and it also plays an important role in preventing cold and heat for the tree. In logarithmic wood processing, the two are generally used separately and have different functions. The wood debark machine is an important tool in commercial wood processing.

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