Biomass combustion pellet production line exported to Philippine

Biomass combustion pellet production line exported to Philippine
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CountryPhilippineDateAugust 1, 2021
Production lineBiomass pelletsOutput10-15T/H
Total power300KWProject area15m*18m*25m(L*W*H)
  • The core equipment of the project
    • ①Drum chipper ②Wood flour machine ③Tumble dryer ④Dust removal system ⑤Glue mixing machine ⑥Granulator ⑦Cooling machine ⑧Screening and packaging machine ⑨Other auxiliary equipment
  • Customer’s main raw materials: Planks, wood branches.
  • Customer’s required product size: 5-10mm biomass combustion pellets
  • Whether to include packaging system (Y/N): Yes, automatic packaging system
  • Whether it belongs to a customized plan (Y/N): Yes, a customized plan
  • The scope of application of the project: Used to burn biomass feed pellets for heating
  • Installation cycle of the project: 30 days
  • Number of installation personnel: 5
  • The production line operators: 5-6 people, feed inlet * 2 person, adding premix * 1 person, granulating * 1 person, packing system * 2 person
  • Problems in the installation process: A professional installation team can help customers install and solve problems during the installation process

Feed pellet production line | Customer feedback video from the Philippines

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  • Whether the customer visits the factory (Y/N): The customer visits our factory and three other suppliers, and finally, choose us!
Biomass combustion pellet production line exported to philippine
Customer Visits The Factory
Customer from philippine
Discuss The Details Of The Production Line
  • Our company provides various drawings:

1. Flow chart; 2. Installation drawing; 3. Pit drawing; 4. Operation instruction 5. Production construction drawing design drawing; 6. Steel structure complete drawing and steel list; 7. Workshop drawing plan And sectional drawings; 8. Steel structure construction drawings; 9. Detailed steel structure drawings and material list; 10. Floor drawings;

  • One-stop after-sales service:
  1. We send two technical and installation engineers to guide the installation.
  2. After installation and adjustment, we have trained the customer’s workers how to operate.
  3. Train the workers how to maintain and protect.
  4. According to the function, we will formulate complete maintenance rules for you, including how to maintain, when to maintain, and Who maintains it.
  5. Our company’s after-sales department will call customers regularly to inquire about maintenance and provide suggestions. 6. In addition to wearing parts, our company provides one-year free warranty and permanent free technical support.
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