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The CNC engraving machine is automatic engraving equipment that uses a computer for intelligent control. The engraving information designed in the computer is transferred to the engraving machine, and then complex engraving processing operations can be carried out. This machine is suitable for the processing of plexiglass, PVC board, KT board, wood board, stone board, metal board, synthetic board, acrylic, and other board materials.

The principle of the engraving machine

Cnc plate engraving equipment

The working principle of the CNC engraving machine is to design and typeset through the special engraving software configured in the computer and convert this information into a signal with power that can drive the motor of the engraving machine, and control the host of the engraving machine to generate X, Y, Z three-axis Engrave the knife path. At the same time, the tool equipped with the spindle motor of the engraving machine rotates at a high speed to cut the processing material fixed on the worktable, and it can engrave various flat or three-dimensional relief graphics and characters designed in the computer to complete the automatic engraving process.

The structure of the CNC plate engraving equipment

The CNC engraving machine is mainly composed of a computer, engraving control software, electrical control cabinet, and engraving machine tool.

The structure of the cnc plate engraving equipment
CNC plate engraving equipment

Computer: This is the operating carrier of the engraving control software, which coordinates and controls the various hardware mechanisms of the engraving machine.

Engraving control software: used to process and interpret the NC processing codes generated by the engraving CAD/CAM software, issue processing control instructions, and direct the engraving machine to perform processing actions to complete the engraving of the product.

Electrical control cabinet: This is the signal detection part of the drive of the engraving machine. According to the control instructions sent by the control computer, the engraving machine is directly driven to produce mechanical movement, and various states of the engraving machine are detected, and fed back to the control computer and control software for identification And processing.

CNC engraving machine: This is the mechanical equipment part, through which the engraving machining is completed.

Application of CNC engraving machine

Engraving cases

The CNC engraving machine is suitable for making all kinds of signs, plexiglass, three-dimensional billboards, mission statues, embossed patterns, wooden cabinet plate embossments, and is widely used in various industries such as model, mold making, woodware, and mechanical processing industries. Moreover, with the continuous emergence of various new decorative materials, more and more materials can be used for engraving, making computer numerical control engraving machines have wider range of applications. Therefore, the scope of application of computer numerical control engraving machines will continue to expand.

The advantages of the CNC engraving machine

  1. The overall geometric frame structure of the machine tool is sturdy and durable. It is designed on the principle of geometric mechanics and is durable.
  2. Adopting the negative pressure adsorption work platform with international leading technology and the original vacuum pump, the suction power is stronger, and the adsorption area and adsorption pressure can be selected arbitrarily, which is suitable for processing materials of different sizes. The humanized design of the working platform can also choose the way of automatic adsorption or manual fixing of the workpiece.
  3. The stable photoelectric switch effectively guarantees normal work and prevents waste caused by engraving failure.
  4. The transmission mode of Y-axis is stepping and bidirectional driving, with high-precision rack and pinion, square linear guide rail, faster speed and higher efficiency, simplifying the maintenance and maintenance work after woodworking.
  5. The high-speed water-cooled brushless frequency conversion spindle motor has the characteristics of hard work, strong cutting, low noise, high frequency, and long life. Can work continuously for a long time.

The parameter of the wood-engraving machine

working deskSuction clamp dual-purpose table
transfer methodSquare rail rack drive, Z-axis 2510 screw
Engraving speed10-15M/min
Idle speed25M/min
PrecisionDiagonal accuracy 0.5MM
Operating Voltage220V/380V
Tool diameterφ3.175, φ6 , φ12.7
Parameter of the wood-engraving machine

Working video of the CNC engraving machine