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Wood shaving machine

The Wood Shaving Machine is a new type of wood processing equipment. The shaving machine can process logs such as sticks, branches, boards into thin shavings. There is no difference between machine-made shavings and hand-made shavings. The shavings are of moderate size and uniform thickness and can be customized according to customer requirements. Our wood shavings machine is easy to operate, compared to the traditional operation greatly improve the speed of shavings production, not only save manpower and time but also improve the production efficiency and keeps up with the needs of social development. The shavings produced by the shaving machine are widely used in particleboard factories, paper mills, biomass energy fuels, pet bedding, poultry breeding bedding, fragile goods transport cushion material, and other industries. It is the ideal shavings processing equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual wood processing households.

Principle and structure of the wood shaving machine

Wood shaving machine

The wood shaving machine is mainly composed of the main body of the frame, the inlet and outlet, the blade, the motor and so on. After the raw material enters through the inlet, it is cut by the blade and discharged through the outlet. The whole process is very fast and can be mass-produced. The size and thickness of the shavings can be adjusted by the length of the blade and the degree of inclination of the blade to meet the needs of different customers. Our power unit has two methods: Motor and diesel generator. The position of the inlet and outlet can be adjusted or lengthened, and it can be equipped with a conveyor belt for easy transportation.

Introduction of the blade

The blade plays an important role in the whole shaving process. The size and thickness of the wood shaving can also be changed by adjusting the length and inclination angle of the blade. High-quality blades are more conducive to the production of high-quality shavings. Our blades are made of carbon steel, which not only has a long service life but also is easy to disassemble and install. We also have a special knife sharpener. If you feel that the blade is not sharp or damaged, you can re-install and use it after the sharpener is repaired (we have a special disassembly and installation video tutorial to provide).

Applications of the wood shaving machine

The shavings produced by our shaving machine have a very wide range of applications. It can be used to make plywood, as a raw material for wood pulp paper in paper mills, as filling materials for fragile goods transportation in transportation companies, bedding materials for pets at home, bedding nests in poultry farms, biomass energy, etc.

Wood shaving machine 2
Applications of shaving

Parameter of the wood shaving machine

Parameter list

Customer case of our wood shaving machine

Two months ago, we had a customer from New Zealand who purchased a WD-600 wood shaper from us. He owned a horse farm, and the stuffing of the stables cost him a great deal of money every year. He uses wood shavings from abandoned trees and wood scraps from his farm to make his nest. This not only helps him get rid of the pile of discarded wood, but it also saves him a lot of money on nest stuffing.

Factory stocks
Factory stocks

Tips about the wood shaving machines

Reason: The rotor of the motor and the rotor of the wood shredder are not concentric.

Solution: You can move the position of the motor left and right, or add pads under the feet of the motor to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors. degree.

Reason: The blade is not sharp or the knife is not adjusted to the proper position.

Solution: Remove the knife, sharpen the blade, and adjust the blade to the proper chip position.

Reason: The knife is severely worn, and the gap of the fixed knife is too large or too small.

Solution: sharpen the blade to ensure that the blade is sharp. Adjust the fixed knife gap 2-3mm, and the blade angle cannot be greater than 30°.

Reason: The feeding speed is uneven and the blade is not sharp.

Solution: Feed evenly to ensure that no material is stored in the crushing bin. Sharpen the blade to increase the cutting speed of the knife.

Reason: There is no butter in the bearing seat, the bearing seat is not installed flat, and the bearing is damaged. The belt is installed too tightly.

Solution: Add butter to the bearing, balance the bearing seat, replace the bearing, adjust the belt tension, and make the equipment work normally.

cover-mould pallet

Romanian Molded Pallet Production Line

Molded pallets are wooden pallets made from waste wood, branches, straws and other raw materials. These kinds of molded pallets that only use waste wood as raw materials have become A new type of finished product with broad prospects.

Cover-band saw

Precautions for the use of the band saw

The sawing machine is a kind of woodworking equipment that can cut wood efficiently, but at the same time, the use of band saws also needs to strictly follow the use specifications to ensure that the machine can be used stably under safe and reliable conditions.

Wood peeling effect

Factors affecting the effect of wood peeling

The wood peeling machine can effectively remove the bark of the wood, and will not cause too much damage to the wood itself. Using the wood peeling machine can greatly save the labor force and reduce the cost of raw material processing. 

applications of wood shaving

What can wood shaving be used for?

It can be used to make bedding materials for pets and poultry, Nutritive soil for seedling growth, plywood for furniture factories, filling materials for fragile goods transportation, biomass fuel, etc. Now I will introduce some specific applications for you.

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