Wood chipping equipment

Wood chipping equipment shipped to Bhutan

A wood chipping equipment is a machine that can cut the wood into wood chips, our company exported a wood chipper to Bhutan in June. This machine is suitable for wood processing factories, charcoal production industry, paper making, composting industries, etc. The raw materials that can be processed are bamboo, solid wood, wood board, etc. And wood chipping equipment is very popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore Gabi, Malaysia, etc.

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wood shaving machine

Supplying wood shaving machines to golf courses in the UAE

Our wood company exported large wood shaving machines to the United Arab Emirates. We produce the machine as soon as possible after receiving the order, at present, the wood shaving machine has been shipped, and the customer also smooth to the machine, feedback that the machine works very well.

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Wood shaving machine

Export of wood shaving machine to Botswana

The wood shaving machine is a device that can process wood into shavings. After processing, the wood has a wider range of uses, such as animal beds, transportation, biomass fuel, and paper processing. On April 20, 2022, we exported a wood shaving machine to Botswana.

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cover-mould pallet

Romanian Molded Pallet Production Line

Molded pallets are wooden pallets made from waste wood, branches, straws and other raw materials. These kinds of molded pallets that only use waste wood as raw materials have become A new type of finished product with broad prospects.

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