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Wood Chipper Machine
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The wood chipper machine also named wood shredder, belongs to the wood processing series equipment. The wood shredder can cut some waste wood, bamboo, board, and leather materials into small wood chips of certain specifications. The final product can be used as raw materials in the production process of particleboard, fiberboard, paper pulp, and other industries, and it can also be used directly as biomass energy fuel. Our wood chipper has the advantages of a wide application range, high-quality cutting wood chips, simple operation, and high production efficiency. It is the ideal equipment for customers to make high-quality wood chips.

Wood Chipper Machine

Principle and structure of the wood chipper machine

Wood chipper machine

The wood chipper machine is mainly composed of the base, the inlet and outlet, blades, casing and electric control. The machine can adjust the cutting blades according to the needs of customers to produce wood chips of different specifications and thicknesses. After the wood enters the machine body through the feed port, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at a high speed. The wood is cut into wood chips of uniform size under the action of the high-speed rotating blade, then rushes to the discharge port. The production efficiency of the wood chipper machine is very high, and it can achieve continuous feeding and discharging, which can basically meet the needs of customers for large-scale production.

Advantages of the wood shredder machine

  • New design blade rotor, blades are easy to replaceable.
  • Cover of crushing chamber could be opened, ease for maintenance and changeable blades.
  • Higher capacity than the traditional type, larger feeding size, could chip log diameter 230-500mm. 
  • The position of the inlet and outlet can be adjusted or lengthened, and it can be equipped with a conveyor belt for easy transportation.      

Introduction of the blade

The blade plays an important role in the whole shaving process. The size and thickness of the wood shaving can also be changed by adjusting the length and inclination angle of the blade. High-quality blades are more conducive to the production of high-quality shavings. Our blades are made of carbon steel, which not only has a long service life but also is easy to disassemble and install. We also have a special knife sharpener. If you feel that the blade is not sharp or damaged, you can re-install and use it after the sharpener is repaired (we have a special disassembly and installation video tutorial to provide).

Applications of the wood chipper

The main raw materials cut by the wood chipper are small diameter wood, timber harvesting, and processing residues (such as branches, slabs, slats, round wood cores, waste veneers, waste wood, etc), and can also be used to cut non-wood materials (Such as sugar cane, reed, bamboo, etc). The raw materials are cut into small wood chips of corresponding specifications, which are used as raw materials for particleboard, medium-density board, fiberboard, papermaking, biomass fuel, etc.

Applications of wood chipper machine
Applications of wood chipper machine

Parameter of the wood chipper machine

ModelYield(T)Support power(Kw)Single weight(kg)Spindle speed(r/min)Blade numberFeeding inlet size(mm)

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