Pressed wood pallet production line

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Wooden pallets are mainly used for stacking, handling, and transporting goods. After using wooden pallets, it is convenient for mechanized loading and unloading, which improves the efficiency of handling. The pressed wood pallet production line uses wood as raw material to produce wooden pallets.

Two types of wooden pallets

There are two types of wooden pallets, one needs to be nailed, and the other is mixed with wood chips and glue. The following is a glued wood pallet machine.

Features of pressed pallets

Wood chips and glue are mixed under high temperatures and high pressure. In the process of making plywood, pressed pallets must go through high temperatures and high pressure above 200°C to combine the veneers into plywood. Therefore, wooden pallets are sterilized at high temperatures. Therefore, pressed pallets do not need fumigation or heat treatment certificates and procedures when exporting. Glued wood pallets have excellent waterproof and moisture-proof properties.

Pressed wood pallet production line

The pressed wood pallet production line is complete equipment for making wooden pallets. The raw materials are mainly wood, wood chips, wood scraps, sawdust, etc.

The production process of the pressed wood pallet production line is: through wood crushing → making wood chips → drying wood chips → mixing with glue → making wooden pallets.

wood chipper

Wood Chipper

DRUM CHIPPER: crush wood logs into wood chips

A wood chipper is a machine that can break wood into wood chips, and a wood chipper is a simple crushing of wood.

Input size230*500mm
Max Diameter of Feeding log250mm
Knife roller speed590r/min
Number of blades4pcs
Material of blade55crsi
Diameter of the Knife roller650mm
Size of the finished product50*50mm
Power of the Main motor55kw
Power of Feeding motor4kw*2
Power of The oil pump motor1.1kw
wood chipper parameter

Sawdust making machine

Sawdust making machine
Sawdust Making Machine

WOOD SAWDUST MACHINE: crush wood chips into sawdust

The final raw material for the production of wooden pallets is wood chips, which need to be crushed into wood chips using wood chip production machines

Capacity500kg per hour
Input size230*500mm
Hammer number40pcs
Main motor22kw
Diameter of Dust remover800mm
Final product size10mm
wood sawdust machine parameter

Sawdust dryer

WOOD SAWDUST MACHINE: reduce the moisture of sawdust

The moisture content of wood chips for the production of wooden pallets should be less than 10%, so a dryer is needed for drying.

Sawdust dryer
Pressed Wood Pallet Production Line Sawdust Dryer
Fan power5.5kw
Sawdust dryer parameter

Glue and sawdust mixer

Glue and sawdust mixer
Pressed Wood Pallet Production Line Mixer
WeightAbout 300kg
GlueUrea-formaldehyde resin glue
Glue and sawdust mixer parameter

GLUE MIXER: mix sawdust with glue

The production of glued wooden pallets requires mixing wood chips and glue, and the glue mixer can quickly and fully mix the two.

Wooden pallet forming machine

Wooden pallet forming machine:

The wooden pallet forming machine heat-presses the tray by hot pressing, and the high temperature also has the effect of sterilization.

Wooden pallet forming machine
Wooden Pallet Forming Machine
CapacityProduce one pallet need 4-5 minutes(can control by yourself )
Wooden pallet forming machine parameter
Wooden pallet forming machine