Precautions for the use of the band saw

Cover-band saw
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The sawing machine is a kind of woodworking equipment that can cut wood efficiently, but at the same time, the use of band saws also needs to strictly follow the use specifications to ensure that the machine can be used stably under safe and reliable conditions. Generally speaking, the use of band saw requires two people to work together, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the machine. During the operation of the machine, on the premise of ensuring personal safety, attention should also be paid to the maintenance of the machine to make the service life of the machine longer.

Matters needing attention for operators

  1. The metal band sawing machine operation and maintenance personnel must undergo professional training to master the operation and maintenance skills of the metal band sawing machine. Operators should ensure adequate sleep and maintain concentration.
  2. The maximum diameter of the saw material must not exceed the regulations, and the workpiece must be firmly clamped.
  3. During the cutting process, the operator is strictly prohibited from leaving the post, and operating with gloves is strictly prohibited.
  4. At the end of each shift, you must cut off the power supply, open the protective cover, remove the chips brought into the saw wheel, and do daily maintenance and cleaning around.
  5. During the operation, the operator should stand on both sides of the band saw. After the sports car is started, no people are allowed to stand around the track within the travel range, and it is strictly forbidden to get on or off the sports car during operation.
  6. For band saws equipped with a pneumatic dust hood, it is strictly forbidden to clean the mouth of the dust suction pipe when the sawdust blocks the mouth of the suction pipe.
Band saw working process
The band saw working process

Maintenance of the band sawing machine

  1. The machine is best placed in a relatively dry and high place, do not let it get damp, to prevent flooding, after the work is completed, the site should be cleaned up, the machine equipment should also be wiped clean, and the power supply should be cut off in time.
  2. The hydraulic oil in the woodworking band saw machine needs to be changed frequently, and the models used in summer and winter are also different, about half a year, and the other steel brushes, gear oil, and coolant need to be replaced.
  3. The environment where the machine is located should be kept dry and ventilated, and the temperature should not be too high when working. The machine should be stopped and let it rest if the working time is long. If there are many things, it is best to use the two machines in turn.
  4. Lubricate the machine frequently to make it work more briskly. Before use, read the instructions carefully. After all, each machine is different in use. Knowing how to use and maintenance is equivalent to saving money.
Band sawing machine
Band sawing machine
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