What aspects should be considered when choosing a large multifunctional wood crusher?

The large multifunctional wood crusher
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When choosing suitable wood crushing equipment one should not consider the price alone, but also consider the performance of the equipment. Today we will introduce some factors that need to consider when choosing a large-scale multifunctional crusher.

  • Dust and noise of wood shredder: These two environmental sanitation indicators should be fully considered when selecting the model. If you have to choose a grinder with high noise and dust, noise and dust prevention measures should be taken to improve the working environment and benefit the health of the operators.
  • The matching power of the wood shredder: The power kilowatts of the matching motor of the shredder are contained on the machine manual and the nameplate. It often indicates that it is not a fixed number but a certain range. This is mainly due to the large difference in the power required for different types of crushed raw materials and the load of the crusher when changing to different sieves.
  • The discharging method of the wood shredder: There are 3 ways to output the crushed product through the discharging device, namely, dead weight blanking, negative pressure suction and mechanical transportation. Different discharge methods are applicable to different materials. Users need to choose according to their own raw materials and finished products.
Comprehensive wood crusher
Comprehensive wood crusher

The above three points are the performance to be considered when purchasing a shredder. This is an important part of the equipment. These three points directly affect whether the machine’s future work efficiency can achieve the expected effect. Therefore, you must be cautious when purchasing.