15t/h Heavy Duty Wood Chipper for Indonesia

heavy duty wood chipper for sale
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Shuliy factory exported a heavy duty wood chipper machine to a forest farm in Indonesia to process high-quality wood chips for sale.

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A forest owner located in Indonesia, during an equipment search that lasted two months, became interested in a large wood chipper product displayed on the official website of the Shuliy factory. The customer aims to find a machine that can efficiently process waste wood, branches, and other resources from forest farms to recycle and add value to the resources.

Wood chipping machine factory
wood chipping machine factory

Why Shuliy’s wood chipper is better?

Compared to the wood chipping equipment with a processing capacity of only about 10 tons per hour offered by several previously contacted suppliers, the Shuliy plant’s heavy duty wood chipper model SL-1300-800 successfully attracted the customer’s attention with its processing capacity of up to about 20 tons per hour. The machine fully meets the customer’s demand for large-capacity equipment, and can effectively handle wood up to 30cm in diameter.

Large wood chipper chamber
large wood chipper chamber

Specification of SL-1300-800 wood chipper

After discussing the details of the SL-1300-800 Heavy Duty Wood Chipper, the customer learned that the conveyor belt width is 120cm, the conveying length is 8-10m, the weight of the machine is 14 tons, and the manufacturing cycle is 10 to 15 days.

The warranty period of the machine is up to 2 years, which provides a strong guarantee for the long-term stable operation of the customer. After being satisfied with all the details of the equipment, the customer decisively paid a 30% deposit and agreed to pay the remaining 70% of the final payment before shipment.

Conveyors of wood chipper machine
conveyors of wood chipper machine

Parameters of wood chipper for Indonesia

Equipment modelSL-1300-800
Blades quantitySix blades
Maximum wood’s diameter30cm
Knife roller rotation diameter800mm
Knife roller speed850rpm
Feed port diameter1300*800mm
Rotor configurationBlade
Discharge finished product length2-5cm(designed well by adding the blades)
Feeding methodTrough chain conveyor (frequency conversion speed regulation)
Chain plate width1300mm
Feeding conveying length5000mm
Feed chain plate material16MN; thickness 6cm
Conveyor rack materialIntegrated channel steel conveyor bracket
Conveyor width1200mm
Conveyor length8-10 meters
Motor modelNational standard 160kw motor
Feed chain conveyor motor7.5kw
Feeding roller motor7.5kw
Bottom conveyor4kw
Outfeed conveyor motor4kw
Hydraulic oil pump motor3kw
Electrical remote control functionStart and stop of feeding, start and stop of feeding pressure roller, start and stop of discharging, hydraulic Pumping station start and stop, host emergency stop
Machine size8.5*2.15*2.4m
Machine weight14t
SL-1300-800 wood chipper parameters

Heavy duty wood chipper delivery for Indonesia

Given the size and weight of the SL-1300-800 heavy duty wood chipper, Shuliy factory made a special 40-foot container loading plan for the customer to ensure the safe and compact transportation of the equipment.

At present, the equipment has entered the manufacturing stage and is expected to be completed and shipped within the agreed time, contributing to the Indonesian customer’s efficient utilization of forest resources and improvement of economic benefits.

Heavy duty wood chipper delivery for indonesia
heavy duty wood chipper delivery for Indonesia