What can wood shaving be used for?

applications of wood shaving
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Our wood shaving machine can process logs such as sticks, branches, boards into thin shavings. There is no difference between machine-made shavings and hand-made shavings. The shavings are of moderate size and uniform thickness and can be customized according to customer requirements. 

Then what can wood shaving be used for?Actually it has a wide range of applications. It can be used to make bedding materials for pets and poultry, Nutritive soil for seedling growth, plywood for furniture factories,  filling materials for fragile goods transportation, biomass fuel, etc. Now I will introduce some specific applications for you.

The applications of wood shaving

Bedding materials

Good bedding can not only absorb the excrement of pets but also maintain the cleanliness of the nest and the pet itself, maintain the dryness and suitable temperature in the nest and create a comfortable environment for the pet. Our wood shavings are undoubtedly very suitable materials for pet bedding. Using wood shavings as pet bedding has many advantages. This kind of bedding material is cheap and easy to obtain, non-toxic, non-polluting, harmless to humans and animals, dry, good hygroscopicity, good incubator, non-nutrient-not easy to be eaten by animals, easy to clean, and does not promote microorganisms, and so on. In addition, the shavings bedding is in a block shape, which is convenient for animals in the breeding period to make a nest and meets the animal’s nature.

Now many racetracks at home and abroad use shavings as bedding materials, and there are also many applications for poultry breeding and pet nests. People have a great demand for high-quality shavings.

Bedding materials
Bedding materials

Nutritive soil for seedling growth

The shavings after crushing can be made into nutrient soil by adding peat soil, perlite, gravel, slag, etc. This kind of nutrient soil has the advantages of strong water retention, good air permeability, no germs, eggs, and weed seeds.

With the faster and faster pace of life in today’s cities, many people are willing to buy some flowers and plants at home. Now this kind of biomass seedling soil also has a very broad market prospect.

Nutritive soil
Nutritive soil

Plywood | Pallet block | Papermaking materials

Wood shavings can also be used to make a lot of wood products. Such as plywood, pallet pads, paper pulp, and so on. The moisture resistance and deformation resistance of plywood made of shavings are much better than ordinary density boards, and they are lighter in weight and cheaper in price. The pallet pad made of wood shavings under high temperature and high-pressure environments has higher hardness than solid wood pads. The appearance is smooth and flat, it is an ideal material for making foot piers and legs on wooden pallets.

Wood shavings can also be used to make paper-making virgin pulp material. This virgin pulp paper is non-polluting to the environment and harmless to the human body. It is more beneficial to our health in daily use. Compared with bleached paper, it also has lightness. The woody smell.

Wooden product
Wooden product

Biomass energy

Nowadays, the use of biomass energy is being promoted across the country, and wood shavings are pressed into biomass energy particles to replace the original fossil energy such as coal. This kind of biomass fuel has the advantages of environmental protection, pollution-free, high purity, saving storage and transportation costs, free of other sundries that do not generate heat, and large heat generation.


Wood shaving machine

Wood shaving machine
Wood shaving machine

The Wood Shaving Machine is a new type of wood processing equipment. The shaving machine can process logs such as sticks, branches, boards into thin shavings. There is no difference between machine-made shavings and hand-made shavings. The shavings are of moderate size and uniform thickness and can be customized according to customer requirements. Our wood shavings machine is easy to operate, compared to the traditional operation greatly improve the speed of shavings production, not only save manpower and time but also improve the production efficiency and keeps up with the needs of social development. The shavings produced by the shaving machine are widely used in particleboard factories, paper mills, biomass energy fuels, pet bedding, poultry breeding bedding, fragile goods transport cushion material, and other industries. It is the ideal shavings processing equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual wood processing households.

cover-mould pallet

Romanian Molded Pallet Production Line

Molded pallets are wooden pallets made from waste wood, branches, straws and other raw materials. These kinds of molded pallets that only use waste wood as raw materials have become A new type of finished product with broad prospects.

Cover-band saw

Precautions for the use of the band saw

The sawing machine is a kind of woodworking equipment that can cut wood efficiently, but at the same time, the use of band saws also needs to strictly follow the use specifications to ensure that the machine can be used stably under safe and reliable conditions.