How Shuliy’s Log Debarker Machine Transforms Timber Industry in Sierra Leone?

large log debarker for Sierra Leone
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Shuliy factory exported a large log debarker machine to Sierra Leone for fast debarking of timber from the customer’s mill. As the large log debarker machine embarks on its journey to Sierra Leone, it marks a turning point in the client’s timber processing capabilities. This partnership showcases how Shuliy’s machinery can unlock new horizons for wood-related businesses, enabling them to reach new levels of efficiency, precision, and product quality.

Finished log debarker machine in shuliy fatory
finished log debarker in Shuliy fatory

How did the customer find Shuliy’s log debarker machine?

A timber processing factory lies in Sierra Leone, which is ready to transform raw wood into exquisite wooden doors. However, their quest for efficiency and precision led them on an unexpected journey for high-quality woodworking equipment.

The owner of this Sierra Leone-based company, well-versed in the art of wood craftsmanship, stumbled upon a video on Facebook. It showcased Shuliy’s large log debarker machine in action, seamlessly removing the bark from logs with precision and speed. Enthralled by the machine’s capabilities, they initiated contact with Shuliy to inquire about its potential and prices.

Logs in sierra leone factory for peeling
logs in Sierra Leone factory for peeling

Solutions of woodworking equipment for Sierra Leone

The initial exchange was a detailed consultation, where Shuliy’s team learned about the types of wood the client primarily processed, their diameters, and other specifications. This information allowed Shuliy to recommend the perfect solution – a large log debarking machine that matched the client’s processing needs.

But the collaboration didn’t end there. Recognizing the client’s ambition to diversify their offerings, Shuliy also introduced them to the CNC router, a versatile wood carving machine. This CNC router promised to efficiently craft intricate designs on the wooden doors, saving time and labor.

The client was thoroughly impressed with the comprehensive solution provided by Shuliy. It aligned with their vision of modernizing their wood processing facility and enhancing the quality of their products. Eager to begin this transformative journey, they swiftly made the initial payment.

Wood peeling machine for sale
wood peeling machine for sale
industrial log debarker delivery

Industrial log debarker sold to Indonesia

15-20t/h industrial log debarker machine was exported to Indonesia last week for debarking logs and processing timbers. Indonesian customer discovered Shuliy’s log debarking machine via