Industrial log debarker sold to Indonesia

industrial log debarker delivery
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15-20t/h industrial log debarker machine was exported to Indonesia last week for debarking logs and processing timbers.

Log debarking machine of shuliy
log debarking machine of Shuliy

Indonesian customer discovered Shuliy’s log debarking machine via YouTube

A wood processing company located in Indonesia was browsing YouTube and accidentally watched a video of a wood peeler in action posted by the Shuliy factory. The efficient debarking effect shown in the video impressed the customer, who decided to learn more about and purchase this type of equipment to enhance their wood processing capacity.

Chinese friend helped to inspect the equipment performance in detail

To ensure that the quality and performance of the machine meet expectations, the Indonesian customer asked his friend in China to personally visit the Shuliy factory for an on-site inspection.

The visit focused on key aspects such as machine structure, working performance, and wearing parts, intending to comprehensively assess the reliability and ease of maintenance of the equipment.

Debarker machine delivery
debarker machine delivery

Customized recommendation of SL-12 industrial log debarker

After fully understanding the size range of the timber to be processed (50-550cm in length and 6-70cm in diameter), the Shuliy factory recommended the SL-12 wood peeler.

This model has a strong processing capacity of up to 20 tons of wood per hour and can adapt to the customer’s requirements of the size range of wood, effectively meeting their production needs.

Industrial log debarker machine parameters

Model: SL-12
Power: 11KW*4
Applicable log length: 500-5500mm
Applicable log diameter: 60-700mm
|Dimension: 11.52.5*1.9m (customized)
Capacity: 15-20 tons per hour

Log debarker shipment
log debarker shipment

Ship quickly for log debarking machine

Satisfied with the offer of the SL-12 wood chipper from the Shuliy factory, the Indonesian customer decided to pay the deposit. Last week, the customer completed the final payment, and the deal was formally concluded.

Shuliy factory then responded and quickly arranged for the shipment of the equipment to ensure that the equipment arrived in Indonesia as soon as possible to help the customer improve the efficiency of wood processing as soon as possible.