How to make the log peeling machine quickly peel the wood?

log peeling machine
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This log peeling machine is often used for wood debarking and is a necessary machine for the wood processing industry. If the wood paneling machine is used correctly, the debarking rate of wood can reach 95%. How can this machine be utilized in the process of use? So that the wood can be peeled quickly.

How to make the log peeling machine quickly peel the wood?

  1. Cutting off the wood. If you want the wood peeler to peel more thoroughly, you can cut the wood off and then peel it so that the wood peeler can peel more easily and thoroughly.
  2. Reduce wood placement. The more wood you put in, the lower the probability that each piece of wood will be touched by the wood peeler and the less effective the wood will be peeled. So if you want the log peeling machine to be more thorough, you can reduce the amount of wood you put in each time.
  3. Increase the time of peeling. Increase the working time of the wood peeling machine, this method may seem very unsophisticated, but it can make the wood peeling machine peel more thoroughly. If you think this method is good, you can go back and try it, but the efficiency will be lower.
  4. Combination of methods. If the previous three methods, alone still can not meet your requirements, then you can also use a combination of the above methods, such as a combination of two random methods, such as: cutting off the wood, and then a small amount of drop; if the combination of two methods, but also suspected that the log peeling machine peeling is not thorough enough, then you can also use all three methods together.
Wood peeling machine
Wood Peeling Machine

How to use the wood peeling machine?

The machine is to put logs and branches, etc. into the machine, close the baffle, turn on the machine, the machine will carry the wood for clockwise movement, the wood in the wood debarking machine with the machine rotating constantly for friction. The bottom blade of the machine will then remove the outer bark of the wood. After fifteen minutes, open the machine, the wood will be automatically discharged and the bark of the trees will fall off under the machine.

industrial log debarker delivery

Industrial log debarker sold to Indonesia

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