Wood peeling machine exported to Canada

Packing and shipping

With the advent of autumn, many forest farms and wood processing plants have begun to prepare wood materials. Trees stop growing in autumn and winter, which is a good season for felling, processing, and processing wood. A customer from Canada saw these two machines on our website. After friendly negotiation, he ordered a vertical peeling machine and a horizontal peeling machine from us.

Peeled wood
Peeled wood

This customer runs a wood processing plant in Canada. The peeled wood is more conducive to processing and selling. In the beginning, he just ordered a relatively cheap vertical peeling machine. Compared with the horizontal peeling machine, it has a better peeling effect and is more suitable for processing some higher-quality products. After a period of use, he is very satisfied with the peeling effect of our machine. So he ordered another horizontal peeling machine from us to realize large-scale wood processing.

wood peeling machine
wood peeling machine

The wood peeling machine currently produced by our company consists of two models: vertical peeling machines and horizontal peeling machines. There are corresponding machines for different output and quality requirements of users. Our wood peeling machine can effectively remove the bark of the wood, and will not cause too much damage to the wood itself. This machine has strong applicability to wood. It can peel wood of different tree species, diameters, lengths, and shapes. It is a perfect supporting equipment for assembly line operations and automated production.

wood pallet feet compress machine

Why is the wood pallet feet compress machine so popularity?

A wood pallet feet compress machine is a machine used to make wooden pallet feet. The wood pallet block machine uses the principle of hot press and hydraulic press to process the sawdust and sawdust raw materials into wooden pallet feet, and the wooden pallet feet are continuously extruded into long strips of specifications by the high temperature and high pressure of the mold through which they pass.

wood shaving machine

Supplying wood shaving machines to golf courses in the UAE

Our wood company exported large wood shaving machines to the United Arab Emirates. We produce the machine as soon as possible after receiving the order, at present, the wood shaving machine has been shipped, and the customer also smooth to the machine, feedback that the machine works very well.

Wood shaving machine

Export of wood shaving machine to Botswana

The wood shaving machine is a device that can process wood into shavings. After processing, the wood has a wider range of uses, such as animal beds, transportation, biomass fuel, and paper processing. On April 20, 2022, we exported a wood shaving machine to Botswana.

wood debark machine

Why use the wood debark machine for wood processing

When a tree grows, the bark is mainly used to transport nutrients, and it also plays an important role in preventing cold and heat for the tree. In logarithmic wood processing, the two are generally used separately and have different functions. The wood debark machine is an important tool in commercial wood processing.

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