What are the feeding methods of the wood crusher?

Feeding methods
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Wood crusher is a kind of machine for efficiently processing wood, which can greatly improve work efficiency. With the continuous development of society, the types and styles of shredders have become more and more perfect, which can meet the specific requirements of most wood processing jobs. For wood shredders, different feeding methods will also have a great impact on the operation of the machine, so everyone needs to understand the different feeding methods of wood dryers.

Two feeding methods of the wood crusher

There are two main ways to feed wood. One is to rely on the gravity of the material itself to sink and feed, and after entering the silo, it is crushed under the action of blades and hammers.

Strcture of wood crusher
Feeding by gravity

The other is a hydraulic intelligent forced feeding system. After the material enters from the feeding port, it is pushed forward at a certain speed under the action of rolling rollers. This structure is mostly used in large machines like drum wood chippers.

Principle of drum wood chipper
Feeding by the hydraulic forced feeding system

Most of the wood shredders will choose to be equipped with conveyor belts for auxiliary feeding, which can greatly improve work efficiency on the one hand, and save labor costs on the other hand. The conveyer belt can also directly lead the crushed materials into the transport truck. For a complete wood crushing production line, the conveying system is an indispensable part of it.