How to reduce the fuel loss of the sawdust dryer?

sawdust dryer
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Nowadays, the world advocates energy-saving and emission reduction. Factories are also looking for ways to reduce production costs, and as a manufacturer engaged in the production and manufacture of drying equipment for many years, we are also making continuous efforts to produce more energy-saving and environmentally friendly drying equipment. The cost of using the equipment is reduced and users benefit. I would like to share with you how to reduce the fuel cost of a sawdust dryer.

Factors affecting the fuel loss of sawdust dryer

Generally speaking, the heat source of a sawdust drying machine is coal. In order to reduce the cost of using coal, the full combustion of coal must be ensured. The size of coal particles, the thickness of the coal layer, and the amount of incoming air all affect the full combustion of coal. So to reduce the fuel loss of the sawdust dryer, we need to start from these three aspects. The following are the specific practices.

Three ways to reduce fuel consumption in sawdust dryers

  1. First of all, the particle size of coal powder. The finer the particle size of pulverized coal, the larger the contact area with air, and the fuller the combustion of pulverized coal. Through many experiments, it is found that when the particle size of coal powder is controlled at about 0.05mm, the coal powder burns sufficiently.
  2. Then is the thickness of the coal seam. The thickness of the coal seam should also be controlled within the appropriate range. When the coal seam thickness is thin, the ventilation of the sawdust dryer burner is large, but the wind speed is not uniform, which may lead to phoenix holes in the coal seam, which is not conducive to the full combustion of pulverized coal. Generally, the thickness of the coal seam is controlled at about 150mm, and the coal powder is burned sufficiently.
  3. The amount of air blown into the burner. As the medium of pulverized coal combustion, the amount of air blown into it should also be determined according to the amount of material. When the coal layer thickness is larger, in order to ensure adequate combustion, the amount of air to be blown into the larger. On the contrary, the amount of air blown in is reduced.
Sawdust dryer
Sawdust Dryer
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