Wood peeler machine sold to Iran

Wood peeler machine
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We recently sold a wood peeler machine to Iran. A wood peeling machine is a machine for wood peeling. The machine can quickly peel the wood. Especially some wood processing factories and furniture making factories need such a machine.

Wood peeling machine Iran customer introduction

The Iranian customer has a wood processing plant, which is processed and sold for sale. One of their tasks is to peel the wood. The barked wood is peeled and then cut, and the wood size is relatively large. It would be very troublesome if processed manually. They were so looking for an efficient wood peeling machine.

Buying List for Iranian Customers

Wood peeler machine
Wood Peeler Machine


Capacity:10 meters per minute                                          

Power:7.5+2.2 kw                    

Suitable wood diameter:100-300mm                                 

Machine size:2250*1230*1670mm

Shuliy’s wood peeler machine

Shuliy company has two kinds of wood peeling machines, one is a wood peeling machine that can peel large wood, the Iranian customer purchased a large wood peeler machine, and the other is a wood peeling machine for peeling branches. A peeler is a machine that peels some more delicate branches. Customers can purchase machines according to the characteristics of the raw materials they process when purchasing.

Features of wood peeling machine

This type of wood debarker purchased by Iranian customers allows up to 15% curvature of the wood. The machine’s knives are specially designed for efficient wood peeling and long service life. Vertical wood peeler machines are generally suitable for peeling fresh poplars, willows, fruit trees, and other trees, and the newly harvested trees are easy to peel, and the wood peeler machine rate can reach 95%.