Wood crushing machines are hot selling in Korea

Wood crushing machines

Wood crushing machines are a very important step in the wood processing process. After wood crushing, it can be used to process wood blocks and charcoal, etc. Shuliy’s wood crushers are sold well in Korea and are welcomed by wood manufacturers.

Wood crusher
Wood crusher

Structure and crushing principle of wood shredder

Wood shredder
wood shredder
  1. It consists of three parts: the body, the middle body, and the lower body.
  2. The crushing knife consists of 7-type knives, 1-type knives, and centrifugal knives.
  3. The auxiliary machine is composed of the fan, powder collector, and dust collector
  4. The crushing chamber of the main machine adopts a 7-type knife, type-1 knife, and centrifugal knife. There are coarse crushing, fine crushing, and centrifugal reciprocating crushing.

Advantages of wood shredders

Wood crushing machines
Wood crushing machines

It can process wood, branches and forks, and other raw materials into sawdust at one time, and has the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, good production and economic benefits, and convenient use and maintenance. It consists of a chipping device, a crushing device, and a fan. After the wood is cut by the chipping device, the particle size of the sawdust is small, and it can be sent to the crushing device for further crushing without drying.

Why are wood-crushing machines popular in South Korea?

Wood crushing machines
Wood crushing machines
  1. South Korea’s forest area accounts for 65% of the country’s total land area
  2. Shuli’s wood shredders have many models and many options
  3. Excellent after-sales service
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