Wood chipping equipment shipped to Bhutan

Wood chipping equipment
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A wood chipping equipment is a machine that can cut the wood into wood chips, our company exported a wood chipper to Bhutan in June. This machine is suitable for wood processing factories, charcoal production industry, paper making, composting industries, etc. The raw materials that can be processed are bamboo, solid wood, wood board, etc. And wood chipping equipment is very popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore Gabi, Malaysia, etc.

Wood chipping equipment
Wood Chipping Equipment

How to get in touch with Bhutan wood chipper customer

Wood chipping equipment
Wood Shredder Machine

This Bhutanese customer read the product articles on our website and then left a message through the message method on our website. We saw the Bhutanese customer’s needs and sent the Bhutanese chipper customer’s contact information and customer needs to the company’s sales manager who specializes in wood processing and handling, and then had a discussion about the chipper product.

Learn the needs of the Bhutanese customer

Our company has many machine models and two types of chippers. We first understood that the customer wanted to chip solid wood and wanted to chip the size of 2-5cm.

Bhutan wood chipping equipment customer purchase machine details

Wood chipper
Wood Chipper

Model: SL-C1000

Diesel Power:80 hp

Capacity:2000-3000kg per hour

Feeding inlet Size:200*200mm

Finished products size: About thick 2cm, length 3-5cm

Wood chipper
Wood Chipper

Wood machine company has two types of wood chipping equipment

The two types of chippers have the same function, different output, and different feeding methods. The disc chipper is a smaller size machine and the drum chipper is a larger size machine. The disk chipper is fed from the top, while the drum chipper is fed from the lower feed opening. If you have a need for a wood processing machine, you can get in touch with us. We will help you design your production plan.