When is wood easiest to peel?

wood easiest to peel
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Wood is the only renewable energy that can be recycled among the four major building materials (steel, cement, wood, and plastic).
Wood has the advantages of being lightweight, having good elasticity, and having a beautiful texture. These characteristics also cause wood to have many functions and can be processed into many products.

How to peel wood?

When is wood easiest to peel? When a wood processing factory performs a large amount of wood peeling, it will definitely need a machine for processing. Wood peeling machine is divided into two types, one is a vertical wood peeling machine, and the other a horizontal wood peeling machine. Both of these machines are machines for debarking wood.

When is wood easiest to peel?

Wood peeling machine
wood peeling machine

It is easier to peel the wood when it is relatively wet. At this time, the wood skin can be peeled off in one piece. If it is relatively dry, it is very difficult to peel the wood skin, and the wood skin is very broken when peeling. The best time to peel wood is freshly felled.