What problems should be paid attention to in the installation of the wood crusher?


Although the structure of the large wood crusher is very simple, the installation and debugging is not a simple matter. If there is a slight omission, it will bury various safety hazards in future use.

  • The inlet width of the feeding equipment and the crusher should be the same to ensure that the material is evenly distributed when entering the wood shredder; the two should be connected softly, which is conducive to the stable operation of the feeder and is not affected by the vibration of the wood shredder. Good material flow enters.
  • Do not drop the parts to the ground at will during installation to prevent the deformation of the parts, especially the deformation of the pipeline. After the pipeline is deformed, it will cause problems when connecting with other parts. The connecting bolts must be tightened, especially It is a bolt link at a high place. It must meet the requirements for use. If there is a problem, it will be very troublesome to maintain it. The sealing of each connection must be done well to prevent dust from entering;
  • The layout of the line must be done well, the end of the line should not be exposed outside, and the line should be arranged reasonably according to the on-site environment. The voltage used by the equipment motor is 380V, which is extremely harmful to the human body. Safety should be considered when laying out, and it should be convenient for operators to use;
  • When testing the machine, observe and listen carefully, observe whether the equipment shakes, and listen to whether there is any noise in the equipment. If there is any abnormality, it should be shut down and checked immediately to remove the obstacles, so that the equipment can achieve satisfactory results when it is officially used.
  • When installing the mechanical discharging process, there should be enough space in the powder settling chamber to meet the sufficient sinking of the powder during dust removal. It is best to install a partition in the settling chamber (between the grinder and the dust collector). ), the size of the partition is generally 1/3 of the height of the sedimentation chamber, which is used to prevent more powder from entering the dust collector while leaving more time for the powder to sink.
wood pallet feet compress machine

Why is the wood pallet feet compress machine so popularity?

A wood pallet feet compress machine is a machine used to make wooden pallet feet. The wood pallet block machine uses the principle of hot press and hydraulic press to process the sawdust and sawdust raw materials into wooden pallet feet, and the wooden pallet feet are continuously extruded into long strips of specifications by the high temperature and high pressure of the mold through which they pass.

wood shaving machine

Supplying wood shaving machines to golf courses in the UAE

Our wood company exported large wood shaving machines to the United Arab Emirates. We produce the machine as soon as possible after receiving the order, at present, the wood shaving machine has been shipped, and the customer also smooth to the machine, feedback that the machine works very well.

Wood shaving machine

Export of wood shaving machine to Botswana

The wood shaving machine is a device that can process wood into shavings. After processing, the wood has a wider range of uses, such as animal beds, transportation, biomass fuel, and paper processing. On April 20, 2022, we exported a wood shaving machine to Botswana.

wood debark machine

Why use the wood debark machine for wood processing

When a tree grows, the bark is mainly used to transport nutrients, and it also plays an important role in preventing cold and heat for the tree. In logarithmic wood processing, the two are generally used separately and have different functions. The wood debark machine is an important tool in commercial wood processing.

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