What are the uses of sawdust

wood after crushing
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At present, the raw materials of the wood industry are in very short supply, and many wood processing industries cannot find a large number of wood sources. However, a lot of waste wood is discarded in large quantities, and the residual value cannot be well utilized. The wood crushing machine is to break the wood into sawdust and then use it. What are the uses of sawdust?

which wood can be broken

The wood shredder can crush and process waste such as branches, branches, trunks, woodblocks, planks, wood chips, scraps, board scraps, scraps, waste wood, waste wood, waste wooden furniture, etc.

The uses of sawdust

1. After the branches are crushed, they can be used to process fiberboard and particleboard, which are widely used in the furniture industry.

Wood chips for furniture
Wood Chips For Furniture

2. It can be used as a raw material for papermaking. After the wood is broken, it can be used for paper processing.

3. The crushed branches are reprocessed into the raw material of machine-made charcoal, the burning energy is more powerful and the use is more convenient.

Sawdust as raw material for charcoal
Sawdust As Raw Material For Charcoal

4. It can be used as a fertilizer. Fermentation is carried out after crushing. The organic fertilizer made by fermentation can improve the soil condition and promote the growth of plants and crops.

5. It can be used as feed, and can be used in feed production after crushing.

Introduction of wood crushing machine

Wood crusher
Wood Crushing Machine

A wood crushing machine is equipment that can crush wood. The crusher is widely used in the wood processing industry and the charcoal production industry. The wood crusher has high working efficiency, many machine models, fast factory delivery, and can achieve fast transactions.

Parameters of wood shredder