What are the functions of wood shavings?

Wood shavings use machines to process wood into shavings. These shavings have many functions. They are used as fillers in the nests of small pigs, cattle, sheep, and various animals, and can also be used as bioenergy. Therefore, wood shavings are also an important way of wood processing. Generally, wood shavings will use a wood shaving machine.

The functions of wood shavings

It can be used as particleboard (plywood), as raw material for wood pulp paper in paper mills, as fillers for the transport of fragile products by transportation companies, as fillers in nests of small pigs, cattle, sheep, and various animals, and can also be used as fillers. Bioenergy. The machine can process logs, branches (twigs), and board edges into shavings. The produced shavings are the same as those produced by furniture factories. The automatic feeding equipment greatly improves production speed and saves time and manpower.

Introduction of wood shaving machine

The wood shaving machine (shavings grinder) is mainly used for the mass production of thin slices of uniform thickness. It is an automatic wood shaving machine (shavings grinder). It includes a rack, a platform placed on the rack, and a knife holder fixed on the platform. The wood enters the machine from the feeding port and is sliced ​​by the blade inside the machine to produce shavings. The size and thickness of the shavings are uniforms, and the wood There is no difference between the shavings made by hand in the factory.

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