What are the functions of the environmental protection wood chipper?

Branch crusher
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People are paying more and more attention to urban construction now. The pruned branches, branches, and other garbage in some gardens must not be stacked and burned, and need to be transported away by special vehicles, resulting in waste of manpower and material resources. And our branch crusher can crush these discarded landscaping green garbage into sawdust and bury them on the spot, which becomes the necessary organic fertilizer for the growth of seedlings and realizes the reuse of resources.

The crushed sawdust can also be used for edible fungus cultivation and fermentation bed cultivation mats to realize waste recycling. The green garbage collected in landscaping is put into a branch shredder, and after a short period of crushing treatment, it becomes finely divided substances, then put these substances into a high-temperature fermentation machine, and it can be turned into organic soil after about 1-2 weeks. Organic soil with nutritional value. In addition, the noise of the branch crusher is small when it is working, and it will not affect the lives of surrounding residents.

Wood branch crusher
What Are The Functions Of The Environmental Protection Wood Chipper? 3
Wood branch crusher

The environmental protection tree branch crusher has a wide range of production materials. It can also crush corn stalks, straws, peanut skins, beanstalks, flower wood, and other combustible crop waste stalks. It not only effectively develops renewable energy but also avoids environmental pollution. The modified machine has reliable performance, simple and convenient operation.

Many cities are now building small gardens, micro-green spaces, garden-style blocks, etc., to create unique ecological garden cities. The reason for this is that many large cities have suffered from pollution such as haze and sandstorms. People are also slowly paying attention to the protection that environmental protection and urban greening bring to people, so now many countries and people are beginning to pay attention to environmental pollution and the construction of urban greening.