Shaving mill machine sales to the United Arab Emirates

Shaving mill machine
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A shaving mill machine is a machine that uses wood to crush and make soft shavings. The processed shavings are soft and elastic, and can mainly absorb water. Generally, nests are made for animals to prevent the living environment of animals from being too humid. Customers in the United Arab Emirates are making shavings for horses.

Shavings for horses
shavings for horses

United Arab Emirates customer introduction

The customer from the United Arab Emirates has been to China before, so the two parties can find a suitable time point during the communication so that we can serve better; in addition, this customer is very familiar with the cutters of the shaving mill machine, because he has used the wood shaving machine before, Therefore, it is understood that the knives will wear to a certain extent after long-term use, so the customer purchased three additional sets of knives when purchasing the machine.

Wood shaving machine models for United Arab Emirates Customers?

Model: SL-WC600
Feeding inlet size:200*180mm
Machine weight:600kg

How to buy a shaving mill machine?

1. There is our contact information on the website, or leave your contact information
2. Our professionals will introduce the machine
3. State your needs and customize the right machine for you