Two different pellet-making machines

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The raw materials of the pellet machine can be straw, rice husk, grain, sawdust, wood shavings, and other raw materials. The use of pellets is different for different raw materials. Raw materials such as grain are used as feed, and wood chips are used to make fuel pellets. The flat die feed pellet machine and the ring die feed pellet machine are two kinds of pellet-making machines on the market. What is the difference between the two pellet-making machines? How should we choose the machine?

Introduction of flat die pellet-making machines

Flat die pellet-making machines
flat die pellet-making machines

The flat die pellet machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. The flat die pellet machine is famous for its ability to move, lower noise, and low energy consumption, but the output of the flat die pellet machine is low. So it is usually used for domestic feed production.

Introduction of ring die pellet-making machines

Ring die pellet-making machines
ring die pellet-making machines

The ring dies pellet machine is also used to produce pellets. Compared with the flat die pellet machine, the ring die pellet machine has a stronger pelleting capacity, larger capacity, and higher particle forming density, but the ring die pellet machine also consumes more energy.

How to choose a pellet-making machine?

I believe that through the above introduction, I have a certain understanding of the two pellet machines. The flat die pellet machine is more suitable for making feed pellets for farms and animal breeding places. The ring dies pellet machine is suitable for larger industries and produces biomass pellets as fuel.