How to use the branch crusher

Wood branch shredder
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When operating machinery and equipment such as wood crushers, safety always comes first and should be given full attention. The safety here mainly includes two aspects: ensuring the stable operation of the machine and personal safety.

How to ensure the safe and stable operation of the machine?

  1. Before you try to process large pieces of wood, take some time to separate them, otherwise it will waste more time and money to repair or replace your branch crusher: If you try to put a 4-inch branch in a wood shredder designed to crush as large as 3 inches in diameter, the motor may be damaged, and the blade may be blocked, dulled, or even cracked.
  2. Even if put the material of the appropriate size into the branch crusher, it must be slow and stable. If too much material is input to the wood chipper at the same time, there may also be risks such as damage to the motor, or blockage, dullness or even cracking of the blade.
  3. Also pay attention to certain plants, such as bamboo, vines and other fibrous plants. They may wrap around the blade instead of being cut directly. Therefore, it is not recommended to use wood chippers to process non-wood materials.
  4. The conveying wood always starts from the thicker end.
  5. Replace the wearing parts and maintain the machine within the specified time.

How to ensure the personal safety of operators?

  1. Wear close-fitting clothing, shoes, hats and gloves. Surfaces such as branches and wood are often rough or even sharp. Wearing gloves can prevent debris from scratching or stabbing your hands. In order to prevent the head from being hit by foreign objects and facilitate movement, it is inseparable from the protection of close-fitting clothes, shoes and caps.
  2. Wear goggles. The production of sawdust is accompanied by a large amount of fine dust, which will irritate the eyes; occasionally larger debris will be thrown, so it is necessary to wear goggles.
  3. Wear ear protectors. The working environment noise of many wood chippers is much higher than 75 decibels, and prolonged exposure can easily cause hearing loss. For this reason, wearing ear protectors when operating the wood chipper is essential.
  4. Always make sure that the branch breaker is in a parking state before starting, and it is not allowed to point the spray outlet to a human direction or area and keep a distance of 20 meters.

Working video about the wood branch crusher

As long as you wear proper equipment and use the equipment responsibly in accordance with the shredder operation guide, the machine can run stably and reliably, and it will not cause harm to people.