How to do the lubrication work of the wood crusher

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The work intensity of the wood crusher is relatively large when in use, so we need to do maintenance work on it when using it, and in the maintenance work, lubrication is very important, let’s see how to do good lubrication Let’s work.

  1. The friction surface needs to be lubricated on time, so that the machine can run stably and can extend the service life of the machine. Therefore, during operation, wait until 400 hours of cumulative work to add a proper amount of grease; after 2,000 hours of cumulative work, you need to open the spindle assembly to clean the bearings; wait until the cumulative work of 7,200 hours, you need to replace with new bearings, of course If the bearing is well maintained, the use time can also be extended.
  2. Before starting the equipment, it is necessary to add grease to the contact between the toggle plate and the toggle plate pad; the amount of lubricating oil added to the bearing seat should be 50-70% of the volume, and it needs to be replaced every 3-6 months lubricating oil. When replacing the wood shredder, clean gasoline or kerosene should be used to clean the raceway of the bearing, and then wait until it is clean before replacing it with new lubricating oil.
  3. The bearing generally needs to be refueled with a butter cup, and it is basically added once an hour*. Drip engine oil into the bracket and add it once every half a day.
  4. If the environment is relatively cold in winter, you can add a thinner lubricating oil to avoid solidification. After adding it, seal and consolidate it, and try to avoid impurities such as entering and affecting the lubrication effect.