Why are biomass pellets so popular?

biomass pellets
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Biomass pellets are products made from biomass, and the biomass pellet machine can be used to quickly shape the pellets. Direct combustion of biomass is prohibited in many countries, but the sale of biomass pellets is encouraged. Why?

Biomass pellet-making machine
biomass pellet-making machine

What are the disadvantages of the direct burning of biomass?

Burning of biomass
burning of biomass

Biomass is some flowers, trees, and rice straw. If biomass is burned directly, it will produce a lot of smoke and pollute the air. In addition, if the rice straw is not processed and pasted, it will not occupy land and will not be clean.

What are the advantages of biomass pellets?

Biomass pellet
biomass pellet

1. The carbon content is low, and the carbon content of biomass fuel is only about 50%.

2. The oxygen content of biomass fuel is much higher than that of coal, which makes the biomass fuel burn more fully.

3. The density of biomass fuel is obviously lower than that of coal, the texture is loose and easy to burn, and the residual carbon in ash is smaller than that in coal ash.

4. Low sulfur content, the sulfur content of biomass fuel is less than 0.12%, and the boiler does not need to install a desulfurization device.

5. The carbon dioxide released by biomass fuel is very low, which can be regarded as zero carbon dioxide emission.

6. The ash produced by biomass fuel combustion can be used for fertilizer production.

7. Biomass fuel particles are dried before entering the biomass fuel granulator, no smoke will occur, and the air pollution is very small.

The economic value of biomass pellets

Biomass pellets can be sold directly, and manufacturers can obtain certain profits. However, biomass is generally difficult to sell. Due to the large volume of biomass, it is inconvenient to transport, and it is generally used for self-use or directly rotted.