Wood crusher machine also called branch shredder machine, sawdust wood crusher machine and wood cutting crusher machine. By wood crush machine, you can cut lots of hard and soft raw materials like branches, logs, plywood, thatch, corn stalk and so on. Then you get the final products which can be used in making charcoal, re-process and making pellets.

Brief Introduction of the Wood Crusher Machine

Our wood shredders are usually used to recycle waste wood. In this part, I will discuss the structure of the machine and how the machine works, and explain its raw material range.

Structure of Machine and Manner of Working

Wood crusher machine also called wood shredder, and it belongs to wood processing products. The wood shredder is mainly composed of a base, a feed inlet, an outlet, a cutter head, a screen, a hammer and a cutting blade. The big size machine also has an electric control.

Route chart of wood crusher machine

Route Chart of Wood

Firstly, the raw materials are put into feed inlets, then the hammer and the cutting blade will process the materials in a high speed. After few seconds, the sawdust will come out of the outlet.

Internal machine structure
Internal Machine Structure

Raw Materials for Wood Crusher Machine

Hard Raw MaterialsSoft Raw Materials
Hard Wood, Raw Bamboo, Pine Wood, Miscellaneous Wood, Poplar Wood, Fir, etc.Soft Wood, Particle Board, Plywood, Thatch, Corn Stalk, Sorghum Stalk, etc.
Raw Materials of Wood Crusher Machine
Long neck wood crusher

Long Neck Wood Crusher

Information of Wood Shredders’ Process Finished Product

As it is known to us, different processed products have different uses. In this part you will get more information about how to use the processed products and how does the yield size affects the number of production.

The Role of the Materials Produces by the Wood Shredders

1. The 3-5mm materials (mainly dust) can be made into charcoal.

2. The 8mm-1cm finished product can be used as a culture medium (such as: a culture medium for edible fungi).

3. To re-process, then sell or reuse, such as wood, particle board, etc.

4. Made into pellets

Final products of branch crusher
Final Products Of Branch Crusher

The Relationship Between Wood Crusher Machine’s Sieve and Yield

The size of the screen mesh directly affects the thickness of the processed product. The smaller the screen hole diameter, the smaller the output size and the smaller the output number.

Characteristics of Wood Shredder Machine

 Basic Information of Accessories for Wood Crusher Machine

BladeAlloy Steel
HammerManganese Steel No. 65
SieveManganese Steel
Body Material of Wood Shredder

Notes for Wood Shredders’ Cutting Blades and Cutterheads

After 3 months, you are supposed to replace the blades. Although the quality of our machine is high, to keep the machine working efficiently and the output of the product, you can sharpen the blades often. Our company also offer a sharpener, you can sharpen the blades by it. Since it is vulnerable, you can buy more blades for replacement.

To change the particle, it is necessary to change the luo and adjust the knife simultaneously. The hole shall be no less than 14mm (diameter), no more than 20mm (diameter), the length of the knife shall be between 3-6mm, and the gap between the bottom knife plate and the knife shall be no more than 1mm.

Notes for Wood Crusher Machine’s Feed Ports:

1. The choice of feed inlets’ size is based on how wide your raw materials are. There are two kinds of feed inlet in our wood crusher machines, and they play different roles when the machines are working. The wider one (right) suits the soft raw materials and the small size raw materials. For example, you can put materials like wood chips, grass and straws in this feed inlet. The other (left) is totally different from it. there is a bottom knife plate with knives inside, which do not appear to the wider one. In this feed inlet, you can put the hard and coarse materials in it such as logs, hardwoods, coarse branches and wood scraps.

2. We have two lengths of feed inlet. The longer one can help the long material which you want to put in get more stabilize, and then you can save the lumber worker who was arranged to keep the materials stable before. If you have a lot of long materials to smash, you can choose this type.

Movement Method and Power Source for Wood Shredders

Power Sources of Wood Crusher Machine

We have two ways to start the machine: diesel power generation and electric motor power. You can choose the more convenient one.

From the view of safe, we suggest you to have a voltage control cabinet if the power of machine that you choose beyond 22kw. We also have conveyors for sale!

Wheels of Wood Crusher Machine

We have different kinds of wheels and we can also make wheels as you want. Here I post some of them. What’s more, it’s okay if you do not want to have the wheels. We also have machines without wheels but fixed bases, and you can put them anywhere you want.

Star Product——Big Size Wood Crusher Machine

The Big Size Wood Crusher Machine SALES WELL!

A great number of customers choose the big wood shredders (Model≥900). Here are the details of our star products.

Basic Information of the Big Size Shredders

This kind of large wood crusher machine is today’s main product. The power and the yield are much larger than the little.

The bigger one can help to crush a great number of raw materials, all of them can deal with materials in a short time.

Large model wood shredder is waiting for shipping 1
Large Model Wood Shredder Is Waiting For Shipping

Why You Choose Our Wood Shredders?

Our wood crusher machine has low investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefits, and convenient use and maintenance. And we also have other advantages, it is a kind of special equipment for the development of edible fungus production or the production of high-density board materials for particle board and sawdust board.

Cases of Big Size Wood Shredder Machine

Recently, a businessman from Dubai ordered a WD-1000 large wood crusher from us. At first, he thought of observing the machines in our factory up close. He had to give up this idea due to COVID-19. we told him that we would have live to introduce our factory and our wood crusher machine in detail, he felt happy and watch the live on time.

During the live broadcast, he was deeply attracted by our products. Later we know that he was working in a garden, and had a great number of branches to crush every year. With this wood shredder, he put the branches in it and got sawdust later. Then the sawdust was sold to a Paper Industry, which help him earn more money than before.

Large wood crushers are ready to be shipped to dubai
Large Wood Crusher Is Ready To Be Shipped To Dubai

Technical Data of the Wood Crushers

ModelPowerOutput (T)Screen Cloth
Product Model And Related Information

In this table, the machines from Size-420 to Size-700 are named based on the diameter of the cutter head and others are not.

The Price of Wood Shredders

The price of a wood shredder machine depends on the machine component. For example, the bigger machine needs more blades, so the price of them is a little higher than the small one. If you want to know more details about the price, you can contact us.

Attention Points of Wood Crushers

Here are some important tips of operation you need to know.

How to test the machine if it works well after installation?

1. Switch on the power and check whether the steering is correct.

2. When installing and changing the cutter, extend the knife-edge 2-4mm from the cutter plate plane, and then tighten the bolt. If the pressure bolt thread buckle is found to be worn out, it should be replaced immediately to prevent slip of the knife disc nut.

3. Change the stretching degree of the knife, must be the same stretching knife length.

4. Depending on the length of the knife, the particles can not reach the ideal, change the different pore sizes of the rottweiler.

5. It is strictly prohibited to put the wood with stones and nails into the machine to avoid damaging the knife and the inner part.

6. Pay attention to check the hammer bolt, found loose, immediately tighten, hammer and bolt wear seriously, should be replaced.

7. The sharpening Angle is 28-30& DEg, is strictly prohibited to grind convex surface, convex surface will cause the steel blade to break off or partially unpeel steel.

8. Frequently used machines should be checked for lack of bearing butter. Butter should be refilled 3-4 hours, not too much.

Maintenance of Wood Crusher Machine

1. The bearing should be filled with butter in a timely manner. The bearing should be filled with butter once in 3-4 hours for continuous operation.

2. After using the triangle belt for a period of time, the tightness should be adjusted again and it is advisable to decrease by 6-10mm.

3. Clean the machine every day after work, check whether there are cracks or other problems, and repair the machine in time.

Common Problems & Solutions:

1. The blade is not adjusted well, cut out the sawdust particle repair blade feeding difficulty blade wear is not sharp.

2. The clearance of fixed knife is too small or too large Repair and sharpen the blade.

3. Adjust the fixed knife clearance 2-3mm.

4. Blade Angle shall not be greater than 30 ° load overload feeding too fast and uneven.

5. The blade is not sharp reduce the feeding speed.

6. Polished blade bearing heating.

7. No butter in bearing seat.

8. The bearing seat is not installed flat.

9. Bearing damage | Belt is too tight bearing with butter.

10. Bearing pedestal alignment balance.

11. New bearings | Adjust the belt tightness.

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