How to reuse old wooden pallets?

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Wooden pallets have a certain period of use. Wooden pallets that have been used for a long time will become weak due to natural reasons such as wind and rainforest. At this time, such wooden pallets will be eliminated. Wooden pallets have become a widely used material for handling and transportation in industrial production due to their low price and strong structure. After these wooden pallets are discarded, they can be recycled for crushing and pressing or made into fuel to realize resource reuse. In this process, the wooden pallet crusher is inseparable.

Why recycle wooden pallet machines?

Wooden pallets crusing machine
Wooden Pallets Crushing Machine

The recycling price of wooden pallets is low, and the finished products made after treatment are widely used and sold. It is a good project with huge profit prospects. There are many different uses for wooden pallets that can be processed into higher-value products for profit after being shredded. The quality of the wooden pallet crusher has a great influence on the wooden pallet crushing. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when choosing, and to choose products with good quality and guaranteed after-sales, in order to effectively save operating costs and maintenance costs, and create benefits for the enterprise.

What are the functions of wooden pallets after crushing?

Wooden pallets crusing details
Wooden Pallets Cruising Details

After the waste wooden pallets are recycled, they are generally crushed to be used for pressing boards, making biomass pellets, and obtaining fuel rods for burning power generation. However, there is a problem with other materials that need to be dealt with during the processing process, that is, the wooden pallet contains connected iron nails. It is necessary to separate the wood and the iron nails by coarse crushing, and then the iron nails are sorted out to facilitate the subsequent process.

Wooden pallet crusher machine introduce

Wooden pallet crusher machine
Wooden Pallet Crusher Machine

The crushing of wooden pallets generally uses a double-shaft crusher, which is driven by a motor to drive the reducer to run, and the rolling of the two shafts drives the blades to the rollers to cut and break the wood into small sizes. The wooden pallet crusher machine is simple to operate, only needs manual feeding, and has a high degree of automation. The high-alloy blade imported from Germany can meet the needs of broken wooden pallets, has high hardness, is not easy to wear, and has a long service life.

How to filter out the nails of wooden pallets?

Of course, to filter out the nails, the addition of a magnetic separator is also required. The magnetic separator can separate the iron nails from the broken wood according to the magnetic properties of the iron nails, and the sorting rate can reach 100%, so as to avoid the iron nails being mixed into the crusher and causing damage to the equipment. After sorting, the wood can be directly pulverized into uniform materials for subsequent pressing to realize the reuse of wood.

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